BMW G310R/G310GS Brass Chain sprocket kit by Rolon


Motorcycle Model: BMW G310R
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Rolon is the pioneer of high-quality motorbike chains and sprockets. Now get a high-quality OEM aftermarket kit for your BMW G310R/G310GS.

 BMW G310R/G310GS Brass Chain sprocket kit by Rolon Features:

  • Suitable Motorcycle: G310R/G310GS
  • Front Sprocket (Z) : 16T Rear Sprocket (Z) : 40T
  • Number of Chain Links:112
  • Both Inner link and Outer link plates are Brass plated
  • Brass Plated by Sophisticated technology
  • Enhanced rust protection
  • Lustrous aesthetic
  • Extended performance/Solid bush/'X' ring chain
  • Designed for pro biking and Racing
  • Compatible with all terrains


 BMW G310R/G310GS Brass Chain sprocket kit by Rolon Specification:

Front Sprocket

  • S 02 660 - 16 Teeth
  • Mounting:- Only Involute

Rear Sprocket

  • S 02 713A - 40 Teeth
  • Mounting:- 6 equispaced Holes on PCD + Bore


  • R520NXRC-112-2

Front Sprocket

  • Reliable with high performance & longer life.
  • Smooth operation & higher transmission accuracy.
  • Anti-resistant coating with Superior quality.
  • The anti-wear performance lets the vehicle move with full power.
  • Produced with Hi-Tech accurate machining which reduces noise and provides smoother riding.
  • The fitment of the product is as per OE specification.
  • Heat treated and hand finished to perfection.
  • Every sprocket goes through 18 production stages and 15 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the manufacturing facility.
  • Geomet coating for sprockets improves wear resistance by 22% more than normally coated sprockets with high accuracy in machining.

Rear Sprocket

  • Sprockets are manufactured from a carbon steel material with duly induction hardened teeth.
  • Sprockets are only made using the best available materials.
  • Zinc coating to provide better rust prevention.
  • Induction hardening to improve wear resistance with outstanding performance.
  • Shot blasted sprockets with improved surface fatigue strength.
  • Sprockets are made of the best surface protection treatment which enables to withstand dust and muddy rides with ease.
  • Sprockets are made with the best position accuracy to ensure better fitment capabilities.
  • A good surface finish makes the ride smoother.

The kit contains – the front sprocket, chain, and rear sprocket.


  1. Please check the specifications carefully to identify whether it fits correctly on your specific bike model. Store4Riders will not be responsible if you purchase a kit unsuitable for your bike.
  2. The image is for presentation only. The actual part may vary.


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